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Aeriana Bozarth-Weston

Aeriana Bozarth-Weston


Aeriana has over 20 years of pet grooming experience and is certified with the National Dog Groomers Association of America (NDGAA), studying to be a Master Groomer. She grooms both dogs and cats, and she also has experience with trimming nails on birds (as well as flight feathers), guinea pigs and iguanas. She enjoys the challenge of grooming difficult dogs and seems to have a "knack" for it. She prides herself on her work, and always says "I'm not 'just' a groomer, but also a trainer, an educator, and an integral part of the health care of your pet." The thinking behind this is she needs to train the dogs how to behave on the table, she educates the owner on proper skin, coat and, nail maintenance. Additionally, as integral part of the healthcare of the pet she may notice something the owner missed and advise the need for veterinarian care. She is also involved with multiple local dog clubs and groups and she gives back to her community by giving presentations on pet care.

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